Tuesday, February 12, 2013

54th Day of Winter

'starwars.avi for 6 minutes' 2013

While I work on converting text in to image, I used the idea of the journey and Monomyth to create an image. So I took the original movie series of Star Wars and converted the movie into a 'pixelated' form and took a screen grab at about 6 minutes and used the same CMYK process as previous pieces. Here the idea the journey is incorporated into the piece.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tysdagr, 47th Day of Winter, 2E 12

'sketch121118cmyk 02" 2013

I've replicated the same process as the first 'sketch121118cmyk' but with changing the parameters and variables with the processing code and the layers of the CMY colors. I'm enjoying the larger shapes in this more that the previous and the added white space gives the colors more room to be pure CMYK colors.

'sketch121118cmyk 03" 2013

Here is the same process, but with the triangles in a 2x3 grid. The grid on the left breaks the rules a bit by having not pure CMYK colors but I really enjoy the the symmetrical nature of that grid.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

├×├│rsdagr, 42nd Day of Winter, 2E 12

I've had an interesting development. I've taken the processing sketch "121118e" and taken screen captures and converted them into a rough pixel vector. Then I turned the vectors into the pure CMY colors and overlapped the three layers in InDesign.

'sketch_121118cmyk' 2013